BBICO’s founder, Alun Hughes, has been visiting the developing world for over 30 years, representing various Musical Instrument brands.

10 years ago he formed BBICO (The British Band Instrument Company), an organisation originally focused on the supply of military and marching bands in the Middle East and Africa.

His extensive list of contacts and knowledge of the areas involved has allowed BBICO to expand into helping manufacturers grow their business, not just in the world of marching bands but through musical instrument distribution and retail also.

Over the past 10 years, BBICO has expanded both into new countries and into the distribution of musical instruments and accessories. The company uses its knowledge, expertise and reputation in the developing world to act as a sales and marketing agent for numerous brands, while continuing to supply government tenders and the world’s finest marching bands.

How can we help?

Representing a wide range of top quality brands, BBICO can provide you with all your marching band instruments and accessories. BBICO has regularly carried out orders and tenders for governments in the Middle East and Africa. We have the scale and expertise to supply whole military and marching bands, with a vast selection of products to choose from to suit your individual needs.

BBICO can also supply marching band instruments and accessories to local distributors around the world. We are able to source the products and organise the delivery in a single shipment. Whatever you require, simply contact us now for a quotation.

BBICO also provides bespoke marching and military band equipment. Whether you need customised drums, a new marching band uniform or custom engravings on musical instruments, we can arrange any personalised products to perfect your band’s image.

No matter how big or small your order is please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will respond to your request as soon as we can.

Meet the Team

Our team is always here to help.

Alun Hughes

At BBICO since? I’ve been here at BBICO since the day it started in 2006

Favourite musical genre(s)? I really like all sorts of music particularly jazz and anything a bit funky

Preferred instrument? It has to be Saxophone. I developed a passion when I was studying as a child

Favourite country visited? Too many to mention. USA would be about at the top of the list but so would Oman and Hong Kong and possibly Wales

Luke Bilson
Sales Consultant 

At BBICO since? 2014

Favourite musical genre(s)? I’d like to say everything but I’ll be specific….. Indie Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul

Preferred instrument? Cello/ Guitar

Favourite country visited? South Korea

Edita Kulveliene
Financial Manager

At BBICO since? July 2012

Favourite musical genre(s)? Pop music, Jazz

Preferred instrument? Piano

Favourite country visited? The Caribbean and UAE 

Hywel Davies

At BBICO since? 
October 2010 – we’ve missed the 10th Anniversary party!

Favourite musical genre(s)? Classical Music

Preferred instrument As a former violinist I guess that ought to be my favourite although the human voice comes close these days

Favourite country visited? Argentina, particularly Patagonia

Thomas Zollner
Sales Manager

At BBICO since? October 2010

Favourite musical genre(s)? Classical Music – Ambient Music  

Preferred instrument? Bassoon

Favourite country visited? Baltics