Brass for Africa’s “Race for Equality”

In Uganda, the current threat of COVID-19, a soaring rate of out-of-school girls, and an escalating rise in female unemployment have made the need for life-skills education more essential than ever. But many girls and young women in the communities that Brass for Africa works in continue to face unacceptable discrimination driven by deeply entrenched gender inequality. Propelled by stigma and misconceptions, many don’t feel worthy of fulfilling their potential.

This March, Brass for Africa needs to fundraise £17,500 to support 50 disadvantaged girls and young women in Uganda.  This will provide each of them with music education, life-skills training, and performance opportunities for a whole year.

Brass for Africa’s Work

Brass for Africa work with ex-street children, orphans, refugees, and over 500 vulnerable girls and young women every year. They have seen first-hand how the opportunity to learn and play music has a profound and empowering impact on the lives of these individuals. They do this through focussing on 6 key solutions:

  • Empowerment: Women and girls get their lives back. They learn and compete equally with their male counterparts. They learn to work together to achieve an objective, occupying their rightful space in society.
  • Education: Through music, girls and young women learn fundamental life-skills such as confidence, communication, team-work, and resilience. They can use these skills to overcome their day-to-day challenges.
  • Safety: More time spent in a safe, structured, and protected space means less time engaging in dangerous situations, such as prostitution or street crime.
  • Equality: By learning, competing, and performing together, boys and men value women as equals. Women become Agents Of Change within their own communities.
  • Leadership: Music performances, marches, and special events encourage families to allow girls to engage in skills-development activities and to attend school.
  • Opportunity: The employment of local female Music and Life-Skills Teachers as role-models empowers girls and the young women of tomorrow.

It costs £350 to provide 1 girl with Music and Life-Skills Education for an entire year.

Statistics from Brass for Africa highlighting the importance of the "Race for Equality"
Statistics from Brass for Africa highlighting the importance of the “Race for Equality”


This month, the BBICO team will be taking on Brass for Africa’s “Race For Equality” challenge to help bring equality to 50 extremely disadvantaged girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Alun will be dusting off his trainers to walk all the way from Baker Street to our office in Edgware
  • Edita will be exercising and pushing weights in her back garden
  • Luke will be running 10km per week in and around London
  • Hannah will be skipping for 10 minutes every day (and attempting new tricks requested by donors!)

We will also be highlighting the importance of Brass for Africa’s work over the coming months. Please keep an eye on the BBICO news page!

Team BBICO taking on Brass for Africa's "Race for Equality"
Team BBICO taking on Brass for Africa’s “Race for Equality”

We all know how much music can help with motivation, so we’ve set up our very own playlist to get us moving for this challenge! Please feel free to add tracks to the collaborative playlist by clicking here. Keep us motivated as we walk, run, jump and skip towards our goal!

As a team, we would like to raise at least £350. This would provide at least 1 girl with Music and Life-Skills Education for an entire year. You can access our fundraising page by clicking here to either make a donation or share with others!

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