Marching & Military Band Supply

Combining unparalleled local knowledge and excellent relationships with world leading brands and suppliers, BBICO plays a key role in planning, executing and delivering orders and tenders for marching band instruments and accessories, throughout the Middle East and Africa.

A Band in a Box

BBICO manages the ordering and consolidation of all items and export orders in one complete Sea or Air shipment.


Long standing relationships with world leading Brands & Suppliers allow customers to order the wide range of musical instruments and accessories required for their Marching Band.

Order Consolidation

If you need to order brass and woodwind instruments, bagpipes, percussion, computer software or spares, and you are wondering how to even start the process, don’t worry – we can assist you by sourcing all of these items for you.


BBICO has expert knowledge of the intricacies and needs of a working marching band built up over decades working in the industry.

Modern Warehousing Facilities

We hold stock of a wide range of product in our warehouses in London and Essex, and can consolidate and ship large orders to your required destination.

Customised Product Services

As well as sourcing high quality musical equipment, we can also provide our customers with Bespoke Emblazoned Drums, Bespoke Uniforms & Accessories and Custom Engravings for Brass & Woodwind Instruments

Looking for expert help and advice?

Our expert team can provide you with all your marching band instruments and accessories. 

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