BBICO are pleased to be supporting the Kenyan Youth Orchestra!

British Band Instrument Company were delighted to be able to support the Kenyan Youth Orchestra, by supplying instruments through their charitable support in Nairobi.

Ghetto Classics, the Kenyan Youth Orchestra, started in 2008 as a joint project with the Art Of Music Foundation and is directed by Elizabeth Njoroge. It has some 40 members who practice with mostly donated instruments every week in Korogocho- one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Hundreds of thousands of people live in impoverished and hostile environments. Many youths, who have given up on finding proper jobs with a stable income, turn to crime or prostitution.

Having played for Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Pope Francis during his visit to the country in late last year, the project currently teaches classical music to some 600 students all over Nairobi. Njoroge says she hopes to teach the youth of the slum important life skills and to transform their lives using the art and disciplines that come with learning classical music.

The programme also provides the members with income generating opportunities. Through the help of corporate sponsors, many of the orchestra members have been able to stay in school without the worry of fees payment.



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