BBICO celebrates being granted Made in Britain Membership

BBICO has been accredited as a member of Made in Britain for their new brand, Edgware.

Made in Britain Logo being added to Edgware BY BBICO Labels

What is Edgware?

In January 2020, we launched Edgware – a natural range of non-toxic musical instrument maintenance products that are an alternative to the current industry standards which use harmful petroleum, mineral and synthetic-based oils. Not only are these damaging to our already fragile planet, but they are also unsafe for unsupervised use by children. The Edgware brand is committed to producing biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging that resonates with the wider population’s desire for a lesser environmental impact.

Since launch at The NAMM Show 2020 in California, Edgware accessories have already begun to resonate with environmentally conscious musicians across the globe and a new generation of environmentally conscious music instrumentalists.  We are proud to have designed, manufactured and packaged the range here in Britain., and are especially proud to be members of Made in Britain campaign. We are particularly proud to have created a range that doesn’t cost the Earth, literally.

The launch of Edgware BY BBICO at The NAMM Show
The launch of Edgware BY BBICO at The NAMM Show

Why Made in Britain?

BBICO’s adoption of the official, protected mark will help buyers recognise its new range of musical instrument maintenance products as good quality, great value and British-made. The Made in Britain mark also lets customers know that BBICO is a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices. Consumers are increasingly recognising the Made in Britain mark as a mark of confidence.

This achievement is important to all our team members. It has been a goal of our Managing Director, Alun Hughes, since the inception. Our certificate is already proudly displayed in the office! We are also delighted to be joining a group of such iconic British manufacturers. We’re looking forward to collaborating with other members with shared ambitions within the Made in Britain organisation.

“We’re very proud that we’re now accredited to the Made in Britain campaign. It proves that the products are made in Britain, are of high quality, represent value for money, are safe for anyone that uses them and that we adhere to the highest business standards. This is all particularly relevant to our Edgware BY BBICO accessory product range and will be most significant in the many export markets where our products are now sold”

Alun Hughes – Managing Director, BBICO
Made in Britain Mark
Made in Britain Mark

How will the Made in Britain mark be used?

We will be using the official Made in Britain mark on our product packaging, and all of our documentation relating to Edgware BY BBICO. We are very much looking forward to sharing it across our social media channels on a regular basis. The mark will be proudly displayed to indicate to our UK customer base that our products have been manufactured here at home. We will also display it to highlight the importance of the British brand in overseas markets. The Made in Britain mark will act as a mark of excellence, and will be most significant in the many export markets where our products are now sold, particularly in the North American and Asian territories.

“We’re delighted that BBICO has joined the community of more than 1200 British manufacturers. The more the mark is used and seen, the more it is recognised as a mark of quality. In addition to getting access to the official protected mark, BBICO will also start to enjoy the many other benefits membership to Made in Britain brings, including support in sales, marketing, PR/comms and export. We look forward to watching BBICO and Edgware BY BBICO grow with our help and support”

John Pearce – Chief Executive, Made in Britain

The Made in Britain organisation helps Britain’s manufacturers to grow. It provides support to its members in sales, marketing, PR and export. Members of Made in Britain can be found in a searchable directory at This gives detailed information about their manufacturing businesses, including company news and links to their websites and social media activity. Buyers and procurement professionals use the Made in Britain directory to find suppliers.

The Edgware BY BBICO Range
The Edgware BY BBICO Range

Interested in edgware by BBICO?

The Edgware BY BBICO range is now available to purchase at

Are you interested in distributing Edgware by BBICO? Or stocking it in your retail store? We would love to hear from you!

Please do drop us an email to find out more:

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