BBICO’s 2021 Plans

Our last blog post was all about sharing several accomplishments that we were particularly proud of in 2020. Now that it’s 2021, we thought it would be nice to share some of our plans with you…the ones that we can share, at least!

Exhibiting at NAMM’s Believe in Music Week 2021

We kicked off last year in style, by launching our newest brands, Edgware and Academy, at our industries biggest trade show. Things are going to be a little different this year, but we’re very much looking forward to exhibiting at NAMM’s virtual Believe in Music Week.

We’ve been busy preparing for the show, and are particularly excited to be hosting four sessions at the event. We have an animated video, narrated by our very own Managing Director, Alun Hughes, introducing the British Band Instrument Company. We have also collaborated with local leading teachers and students to produce an introductory video for Academy, our range of carbon fibre string bows. For Edgware, we’ve teamed up with YouTube’s Most Subscribed Brass Musician, and one of our favourite clarinettists to share more information about out musical instrument maintenance products range.

We’re also looking forward to speaking with our current contacts and colleagues, as well as making new connections. For the first time, NAMM is free to attend for EVERYONE. Make sure you register for the event and visit our booth from 11th January!

NAMM Believe in Music 2021
NAMM Believe in Music 2021

Developing Dealer and Distributor Relationships

Despite the challenges of 2020, we were delighted to have started developing solid dealer and distribution networks for our Academy and Edgware brands. We are very much looking forward to expanding these further in 2021. This will allow us to make our carbon fibre bows and musical instrument maintenance products more accessible.

As disappointing as it is to have not been able to visit our dealers and distributors in person, we have been able to find ways around this. We have been creating personalised videos, which introduce companies to our new brands. These informative videos cover all aspects, including the products themselves, how best to use them, and information about the packaging they are supplied in. These are ideal to share with sales team, whilst we can’t visit stores in person.

Map of Edgware Dealers and Distributors...due to expand in 2021
Map of Edgware Dealers and Distributors…due to expand in 2021

Continuing with Contracts for Government Departments in the Middle East

Combining unparalleled local knowledge and excellent relationships with world leading brands and suppliers, we have always played a key role in planning, executing and delivering orders and tenders for marching band instruments and accessories, throughout the Middle East and Africa. We plan on continuing with this work throughout 2021. We have contracts in negotiation stages for our “Band in a Box” concept, where we manage the ordering and consolidation of all items and export orders in one complete sea or air shipment. As well as sourcing high quality musical equipment, we will continue to provide our customers with custom products. The include Bespoke Emblazoned Drums, Bespoke Uniforms & Accessories and Custom Engravings for Brass & Woodwind Instruments.

Continuing with Contracts for Government Departments in the Middle East in 2021

Planning and Building New Supplier Relationships and Routes to Market

We’re planning to be building new supplier relationships this year. We greatly value the opportunity to work with a diverse range of suppliers across the world, and look forward to expanding this further in 2021. Currently we are in communication with new suppliers in the UK for our Edgware BY BBICO range, which is certified by the Made in Britain campaign. We are also speaking with new suppliers about collaborating on our current tenders for marching band instruments and accessories.

We’re also building new routes to market, as well as expanding those created in 2020. For example, we are now able to supply consumers directly for some of our own brands. We do this through our own websites for Academy and Edgware. Given recent changes caused by Brexit and COVIID-19, we are exploring a variety of different routes to market. We are doing this in order to supply our customers as efficiently as possible, with the same high level of service.

Planning and Building New Supplier Relationships and Routes to Market in 2021
Planning and Building New Supplier Relationships and Routes to Market in 2021

Taking Advantages of Opportunities in 2021

We’re also taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the pandemic to look at ways of make BBICO more efficient and a kinder company to work with in the future. As mentioned previously in this blog, we have been creating videos to better inform dealers and distributors of our new brands. Working with other creators is something we are keen to embrace further, examples of which can be seen at our NAMM Believe in Music Week booth. We also now send a monthly newsletter to our contacts. This keeps them updated with announcements, to invite them to virtual trade shows, and to inform them of changes within the business as we adapt to frequently changing government regulations.

Despite having to change the way that we work to adhere to new restrictions, we are making a variety of changes to the way that we work. We are doing this so that we can continue serving our customers with the same high level of service as before the pandemic. Such changes have involved implementing a new communications systems within our team, so that we can keep in touch, despite no longer all being together in the office. We also have daily team meetings to check in, and have fully embraced all forms of video conferencing, so we can adapt to our customers preferences.

Taking Advantages of Opportunities in 2021
Taking Advantages of Opportunities in 2021

What are your plans for 2021?

We would love to hear what you have got planned for the year ahead. Please feel free to reach out to us using the details found on our contact page.

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