BBICO’s First Booth at The NAMM Show

Last week, BBICO exhibited at The NAMM Show for the very first time.

For those of you who may not be aware, NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants and is a trade organisation for the music gear industry. NAMM produce two trade shows a year, with this year’s winter exhibition taking place from the 16th – 19th January at the Anaheim Convention Center. The NAMM Show is regarded by many as the world’s largest event for the music products, pro audio and event tech industries. These shows attract more than 115,000 registrants from 130 countries and regions commanding $11+ billion in buying power.

So, Why Exhibit at The NAMM Show This Year?

As most of our readers may know, BBICO specialise in exporting musical instruments to military bands, particularly in the regions of The Middle East and Africa. However, over the last few months we have been working hard on two of our own new brands, Edgware and Academy. We thought that the best place to launch these products would be at The NAMM Show, in order to receive feedback from industry experts, as well as to connect with distributors and retailers from a range of different territories.

We will be covering these new brands in more depth in future blogs, but to briefly introduce you:

Academy : A range of quality carbon fibre bows – consistent, durable & lightweight alternatives to wood

Edgware : A range of quality musical instrument products – designed & packaged in the UK, free of toxins & petroleums, and in biodegradable, compostable & recyclable packaging

The Logistics of our Booth at The NAMM Show

We wanted to keep our booth as simple as possible, and do as much as we could ourselves. This would allow us have as much control over the set-up as possible, and the freedom to create something a little different to the norm. We also wanted to ensure that everything we bought for the show would be used again, and not thrown away, as is often the case at such large exhibitions.

Rather than purchasing a ready-made trade show booth from the show’s official provider, we decided to rent the bare minimum. We rented just carpet, carpet padding, a power outlet and a hoovering service, and brought the rest with us. We packed our own display walls and stands in our warehouse in North London, and shipped them to a drop-location near to the convention centre. Once we had arrived in Anaheim, we picked up our parcels in our massive rented GMC Yukon XL! We used the show’s official provider to move our cartons into the hall, and spent an afternoon constructing our booth.

Our T3 System Walls

After several lengthy discussions, we decided we wanted to have two large panels at the back of our booth to highlight the key concepts of each brand. Our friends at Dawkes Music recommended that we approached David at SD Displays. David was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, listening to our requirements and making suggestions based on several years of experience creating booths for a range of different clients.

We settled on renting a T3 system, with a fabric graphic, and LED lighting behind to illuminate the text. Regarded by many as the world’s most versatile modular display system, the T3 system consists of beams which join together in a simple twist & lock action, with no need for tools. The beams can be assembled in countless different ways, pack down compactly, and can be built by anyone!

(ideal for first time exhibitors like ourselves!)

David invited us back to his warehouse when the fabric graphics had been printed, to practice assembling the systems with him there to assist whenever we started to struggle. We were delighted with how they turned out, and even more delighted that we were able to assemble them with little to no trouble whatsoever!

Our Display Stands & Furniture

We knew that finding matching display systems that were suitable to showcase both brands was going to be a challenge. Even more so, we were struggling to find solutions that were in-keeping with our new brands. However, after some extensive google-ing, we came across a company willing to custom-make stands to our very specific requirements. Our display stands even included storage shelves for extra stock, our reusable NAMM water bottles, and specification/price lists. We even had a table made out of the same wood for meetings throughout the show!

These stands were easy to assemble, sturdy and many of the visitors to our booth complimented them.

BBICO’s Exhibiting Future

We had a fantastic time at NAMM last week, and enjoyed spending time speaking to people at our booth.

We’re already looking forward to attending other trade shows and events this year with our new exhibition kit. Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see where we’ll be heading next. Also remember to check in here for future blogs on our time at NAMM.

Thank you to everyone who came and visited our booth at The NAMM Show!

BBICO’s NAMM Show Booth 9231

by Hannah Williams

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