A guide to custom marching band instruments and equipment

Custom Marching Band DrumsPresentation plays an important role in the performance of a marching band. From marching in time with each other to wearing the same uniform, a marching band relies heavily on its appearance. This article aims to highlight the importance of custom marching band instruments and uniform.

Custom Marching Band Uniform

Like in all military life, the uniform of a military marching band represents the regiment to which the members belong. The uniform shapes the identity of a military band and symbolises the pride of the band members in belonging to their prestigious regiment. The uniform also helps the wider audience identify the military band. As such, the musicians are representatives of their regiment in the public eye. Therefore, a high-quality custom marching band uniform is essential for identifying the marching band and instilling pride in their regiment, and indeed nation.

Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour is a traditional event in Britain dating back to the 18th century. During the ceremony, regiments parade their colours among the soldiers’ ranks. This allows the men to identify those of his own regiment. At the annual event over two hundred musicians, from six bands and drum corps, perform as one collective military band. They play a highly important role in the ceremony, providing the musical accompaniment to the entire parade.

We can see that military bands are therefore inextricably linked to the important tradition of identity in the armed forces. The uniform and appearance of a military band must always be of the highest quality to respect this tradition.

Bespoke Musical Instruments

Further to military uniforms, having custom marching band musical instruments will make the group look far more professional. It also creates a sense of unity and pride among the musicians, as bespoke instruments help to shape the identity of the military band.

Military and marching bands will regularly customise the drums they use in performances. All types of marching band drums can be tailored to a particular band or company. Marching bands often have their crests or badges printed on the side of their drums as a show of unity and identity. Such a public display of pride plays an important part in how military regiments represent themselves to the world.

Other instruments such as bagpipes and bugles lend themselves to customisation. Bagpipers often tailor their instruments to correspond with their uniform by matching the colours and crests on all their equipment. Bugle players add cords to their instruments which match the colours of their military band and their regiment. This small addition makes a noticeable difference to the appearance of a marching band when it comes to a performance because, like a customised uniform, it emphasises the unity of the group and their pride in the military regiment they represent.

How can the British Band Instrument Company help?

As well as supplying all the marching band instruments you may need, BBICO can organise the supply of bespoke military band equipment tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want to put your military crest on a set of drums or need some bell lyre tassels in a specific colour, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on how BBICO can help you, click here.

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