Mogees – Turns any object into a musical instrument

Mogees (which sounds plural but is singular) is a vibration sensor that can turn any object into a musical instrument using smart software on your iPhone or computer. When you attach the Mogees vibration sensor to an object and connect it to the iOS app, you can synthesis sounds from the vibrations. The object could be a tree, a fridge, or even an actual musical instrument.

Mogees recognises different gestures, even for the same object. You can make different sounds by tapping objects in different places, by scratching them instead, or hitting them with other objects rather than your hands. If the vibration is different, the resulting sound can be different. Each gesture can create a MIDI note to play a tune or correspond to different sound engines.

The app uses sophisticated sound engines that sound great and give you fine control over the synthesis of each sound. Once you’ve got the sounds you like for each vibration, you can bang and scratch out a tune and record it on apps like Garageband to be mixed in with your other beeps and boops.

You can be creative and make some great tunes and beats for your music using Mogees. More important than that, it’s really fun.

See here how it works:

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