New Product: Leblanc Student Clarinets

Conn Selmer have recently launched two new student-level clarinets in their Leblanc range, the Debut and the Spirito. With a history dating back to 1750, Leblanc has been known for manufacturing some of the highest quality clarinets in the world. Combining tradition with innovation, the brand continues to advance clarinet manufacturing. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to these two instruments.

Leblanc’s History

Leblanc dates back to 1750 when Ets. D. Noblet was established in France making instruments for the court of Louis XV. Noblet helped establish France as the centre of woodwind instrument manufacturing. In 1904, Noblet had no heir to the family business, so sold it to Georges Leblanc. The family were known for using scientific acoustic research in the development of their clarinets. They believed in the scientific principles of manufacturing, bringing a high level of consistency and playability to their hand-made instruments.

Distribution of their clarinets in the US began in 1921, with Gretsch & Brenner in New York. Due to adjustments having to be made to each instrument upon arrival, Leblanc USA was founded in Wisconsin by Vito Pascucci. This company took over the distribution of Leblanc products, and Vito even developed his own student level instrument. The Vito brand was created in 1960 and made up of a complete line of composite clarinets. In 1961, the Positive Radial Alignment Guide was patented to help beginning clarinet students properly assemble the top and bottom joints of their instruments. They focused heavily on establishing a stable base of school music focused dealers. These then founded the National Association of School Music Dealers (NASMD).

Leblanc acquired the Frank Holton Company in 1964 and the Martin Band Instrument Company in 1971. After a period of significant growth due to the full line offering of brass and woodwind instruments, and Vito purchased 65% of the Leblanc France Company in 1989. The remaining 35% wasn’t acquired by Vito until 1993.

In 2004, Leblanc was acquired by Conn-Selmer and a new era of manufacturing began, with clarinet production now taking place in Elkhart, Indiana.

LCL211S – Debut

The new Debut is an ergonomic and reliable instrument. It is comfortable and lightweight, with a quick and responsive sound, and precise intonation.  

  • Reso-tone ABS body
  • French bore design
  • Silver-plated cold-forged keywork
  • Low ‘E’ reinforcement bar
  • Blued steel springs
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring
  • Valentino synthetic pads

This instrument comes presented in a durable backpack style case with a mouthpiece and ligature.

The Leblanc Debut Clarinet
The Leblanc Debut Clarinet

LCL311S – Spirito

The new Spirito is a lightweight and ergonomic instrument with a complex bore design. It produces a rich and colourful sound, with a fluid and even response across registers.

  • Reso-Tone ABS body with a complex bore design
  • Silver-plated cold-forged keys
  • Low ‘E’ Reinforcement bar
  • Blued steel springs
  • Fixed thumb rest with neck strap ring
  • Valentino synthetic pads

This instrument comes presented in a ballistic nylon case with a Vito mouthpiece and ligature.

The Leblanc Spirito Clarinet
The Leblanc Spirito Clarinet

Stay tuned for another Leblanc clarinet launch this November…

To order your Leblanc Duet and Spirito clarinets from the British Band Instrument Company, please contact us here.

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