The Selmer Supreme Alto

Eight years ago, Selmer set themselves the challenge of designing the best saxophone ever made. They wanted to design an instrument that would rise above musical genres. An instrument that would adapt to all kinds of music, playing styles and sound types. An instrument that’s ease and evidence of playing would induce a direct and immediate relationship to sound.

A culmination of their 100-year history of innovation, design and manufacturing of saxophones led them to create the Supreme.

The Supreme is characterized by perfectly balanced tuning, infinite sound colours, and great ease of response. It hides the natural and inherent constraints of the saxophone. Its roundness and projection capacity make it an instrument that is both inspired by tradition, yet resolutely modern. It is also considered to be a universal instrument, designed with a team of testers covering vast array of genres.

Technical Changes

  • A new bell bore that improves the intonation and low notes production
  • A new neck bore improves intonation of the octaves, timbre and general response
  • A hinged toggle on left-hand pinky finger keys to facilitate complex passages
  • Octave key system with Teflon in the sockets lightens the action
  • A redesigned and more accessible front F key
  • Realignment of the height of the left-hand mother of pearl keys offers a more natural finger position
  • Modified diameter and location of tone holes for a greater homogeneity of timbre
  • Repositioning the double tone hole to lighten the C# correction system to improve tuning
  • Direct adjustment arm between right-hand F# and F keys for a finer and more reliable adjustment
  • A 3-point concentric clamp for a better neck to body connection with an adjustable nickel silver ring
  • Redesigned shape and placement of the side keys
  • Unique engraving featuring a crystal and floral design

Supreme Finishes

The Selmer Supreme Alto saxophone is available in Dark Gold Lacquer, Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Black Lacquer with Gold Lacquer Keys and Sterling Silver with Gold Plated Keys.

Included with the Supreme

Each Supreme comes complete with an exclusively designed BAM case and an exclusive Supreme neckstrap. The saxophone also comes with Selmer’s Concept mouthpiece, which combines ease of playability, richness of sound and great consistency. As with all Selmer instruments, a selection of maintenance products are also provided.

Accessories included with the Selmer Supreme
Accessories included with the Selmer Supreme

To order your Selmer Supreme Alto from the British Band Instrument Company, please contact us here.

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