Music Products Industry Response to COVID-19

In the challenging times we currently find ourselves in, it can be very easy to fixate on the negatives, and dwell on the challenges that the music industry is currently facing due to covid-19. However, there are several organisations within the music products industry that have been adapting in the face of adversity. This week’s blog will share a selection of these with you…

RATstands Adapting to COVID-19

Renderings of the Rshield range in surroundings, for new normal due to covid-19
Renderings of the Rshield range in surroundings

UK-based music equipment manufacturer, RATstands, have used their knowledge of protective screens to create a screen which prevents the spread of bacteria. The screens also implement social distancing in a range of different environments.

The Rshield is portable, height adjustable, stackable, and built with the same quality as RATstands music equipment. Alongside their existing customers in the music and education industry, they are looking to supply other businesses and industries in need of long-term bio protection. RATstands’ Rshield range is designed and made in the UK. 10% of profits are being donated to the NHS Charities Together (registered no 1186569).

We asked RATstands why they made the decision to launch the Rshield;

“RATstands have been supplying sound protection screens, ‘The Acoustic Screen’, to performing arts venues and the education services for over 40 years, so we are no stranger to protective screens! We have used our knowledge to create the Rshield range, which is a collection of sneeze screens developed to encourage social distancing and to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria. Unlike other designs, each of our shields are carefully designed to not feel intrusive or intimidating. The BioScreen is intended to help all types of businesses and industries to adjust to the new normal way of life.”

Olivia Mason, RAT Stands Marketing Manager

For more information about the Rshield range, please click here.

Edgware BY BBICO Sanitiser Effective Against COVID-19

Edgware Sanitiser Spray, effective against covid-19
Edgware by BBICO Sanitiser Spray

With a key focus on producing musical instrument maintenance products tailored to the environmentally conscious musician, Edgware BY BBICO didn’t anticipate getting caught up in the midst of a global pandemic shortly after their initial launch.

By chance, the first products launched at The NAMM Show in January this year included a sanitiser spray. This product has been proven to kill 99.9999% of germs in 12 seconds, including the COVID-19 virus. Its anti-bacterial properties are provided by hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally in the human body. It is skin safe and suitable to be used by children without adult supervision as it’s alcohol, fragrance & harmful chemical-free.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at The British Band Instrument Company have fulfilled numerous requests. They have been speaking with educational institutions looking for a safe, environmentally conscious way to sanitise their students’ instruments. They are also working closely with the Music Industries Association (MIA) to support UK-based retailers and repairers re-open in the midst of this global pandemic, which poses significant threats and challenges to the wind instrument industry.

Luke Bilson, General Manager at BBICO, says;

“Since returning to work, our team have been reaching out to UK-based music services and repairers. We have been assisting them with the challenges they are currently facing, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our e-commerce site is due to be launched shortly, which will let us supply end consumers directly for the very first time. We never anticipated at our launch in January that we would be in this situation now. However, we are glad that we are able to play our part at this incredibly challenging time for our industry”

For more information about Edgware by BBICO, please click here.

Konig & Meyer (K&M) Manufacturing Disinfection Stands

Formed in 1949 in Wertheim, Germany, K&M are one of the largest manufacturers of music stands. Their strong beliefs in “innovative design, functionality, and durability” for their products and passion for developing innovative solutions for their customers’ needs have recently been applied to the production of sanitiser stands.

Having almost all components for their product range manufactured in-house, K&M were able to react to the situation quickly. From research and development to final assembly, K&M control every aspect of the manufacturing process. This allowed them to react quickly and flexibly to high demands, special customer requirements, and implement new products at short notice.

The mobile disinfectant stands and disinfectant holders from K&M allow organisations to protect their customers, employees and visitors from germs. They facilitate regular and thorough hand hygiene. Having produced and sold approximately 8,000 sanitiser stands so far, K&M have seen their client base expand. They are currently supplying hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, event locations and business premises. Of course, they are also supplying organisations within the music products industry – including ourselves (we currently have one at the entrance to our office!)

K&M operate the following philosophy;

“to manufacture high quality and durable products in an environmentally friendly manner, so that musicians worldwide can concentrate on what’s essential – their music”

For more information on K&M’s new product range, please click here.

D’Addario Adapting Evans G2 Drumheads

D'Addario's face shields made from Evans G2 drumheads to protect healthcare workers from covid-19
D’Addario’s face shields made from Evans G2 drumheads

Founded in 1974, D’Addario are an organisation committed to “sustainably providing musicians with the most innovative musical accessories in the world”. Their New York-based factories were temporarily forced to cease normal operations on 20th March.

With philanthropy at the centre of D’Addario’s mission, it’s no suprise that their team felt compelled to help healthcare workers. They have adapted their operations from production of the Evans G2 drumhead to FDA approved face shields. This has helped to alleviate the shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers in New York. They were able to respond quickly to the challenging situation, as their Dynatomy brand already had approval for Level 1 medical devices. This made registering their face shields relatively easy.

Dynatomy face shields are made using the same materials and processes used to make the popular Evans G2 drumheads. Made in the USA, they are intended to protect personnel from splashing liquids, sprays, and splatter. They are lightweight, disposable, cost-effective, and provide comfortable coverage.

A quote from CEO, John D’Addario III on their website reads;

“It’s our intention to manufacture these shields as long as they’re needed in New York or anywhere around the globe. We’ve watched the incredible efforts of our healthcare and essential services workers all across the world with great admiration. While we cannot match the immeasurable efforts of these selfless heroes, we feel an immense responsibility to do our part in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.”

For more information on D’Addario’s face shields, please click here.

Are your organisation, or any others you know adapting to the current situation?

If so, we would love to hear all about it. Please feel free to email, or give us a call on +44 (0)20 83813101.

Hannah Williams

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